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PARAPHERNALIA And Other Trinkets You Hide From Your Mum, is a zine born from a mouldy bedroom in a shared house in Leeds. 


Created from the disolusionment of art university, the loneliness of lockdown and the fear of losing my precious teenage angst, this is my melting pot of ideas.

The aim is to create a vessel that replicates the messy, wild and creative ways punk zines used to praise, criticise and explore subjects like music, art and politics, but in a more up to date and inclusive way.

Who are we?



Creator, editor and columnist

I’m Ruby and I describe myself as a retired librarian... In reality I’m an unemployed librarian.


I started to conceptualise this zine when I was 18 and first moved to Leeds. It was the middle of Covid, the start of my art university experience and the first time I’d lived in a house of eclectic strangers. Then 6 months later it all began.


I moved through art university, had a crisis and then became a librarian, had another crisis, and left my job to ‘travel’? ‘Pissing about and squandering my life savings on art, writing, reading, festivals, camping and a little bit of travelling’? The second is probably more accurate. But either way I now have more time to dedicate to this whole experience of writing, designing and creating. I can go down weird rabbit holes, produce whole editions about bumholes (yes, we did that) and basically just do what I want. 


I’m eternally grateful for those who show interest and support, it genuinely has kept this zine alive.


Much love,




Resident film reviewer

My name is Samuel James Warden and I am named after a cat that my dad didn't even like that much. They were called Samuel James Pussycat and I am eternally living in their legacy. 

I am an ecologist who loves bats... They cannot move their wings without constantly screaming. 


I also review films for paraphernalia.


I started getting into films when my friend quit being the president of film soc and made me his replacement without asking. As a result I now miss films and writing really long unnecessary event pages for people to just go watch Leon, so I have found my outlet in this zine.

I try to have an interesting take on a film, or just review it as someone who genuinely likes films a normal amount. In real life all I talk about is Multiversus adding Lebron James before any character from Lord of the Rings or even Scooby Doo from Scooby Doo.


Overall, I just like films.



Samuel James (Warden. Sorry I'll never be as good as SJP. RIP.)



Angel is the stray cat scooped up over a year ago that has grown into a fluffy beast. She’s the most vocal of any of the team and so makes the perfect punk rock pussycat.

Mascot and muse


We create a new edition of PARAPHERNALIA And Other Trinkets You Hide From Your Mum,

every other month. These zines each have a loose theme and are a collection of opinion pieces, art

and always contain a book review, a film review, a crossword and a tattoo flash.

We are currently working towards building our own online shop so that you can subscribe to these zines if you're located in the UK, Europe or North America, or just buy individually but for now you can find us on Etsy. This really supports the zine and helps us continue producing them and distributing them.

As well as these zines, we also produce other zines on one off topics. These are usually a smaller A6 zine and are much more educational. These can also be purchased on Etsy.

As well as this you may be able to spot our zines in different zine libraries or find us at fairs. 

We'd love it if you came and said hello!


Do some more digging...

Read some of the early editions, peruse our spotify or mull over our Instagram and Pinterest

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We always want to see your art and design work, poetry and short fiction, reviews or articles to add in.

Or if you're in a band and want to apply for a feature we'd love to hear from you.

And finally if you want to submit anyone with mad stories for an interview we'd love to arrange something.

© 2023 by Paraphernalia Zine

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